The label reveals a lot about the quality of the oil.

The label reveals a lot about the quality of the oil.

In this case, after providing evidence, the marriage may be more likely to end in divorce.

When it comes to divorce, there are no drastic differences in Russia compared to Germany. However, Russia generally has a high divorce rate and in recent years the number of divorces has increased significantly.

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Divorce rate in Russia is increasing

In Russia, extensive statistics are kept on the number of divorces. For the most part, young married couples get divorced when housing shortages and poverty disturb their young happiness. The divorce rate is now even twice as high as in Germany and the stable Russian family, which used to be the rule, is therefore at risk.

The reasons for the increase are varied and can be explained primarily by rising unemployment and the associated poverty. High alcohol consumption is also a common reason.

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No divorce on Valentine’s Day in Russia

The city of Lipetsk in Russia has come up with something special to curb the frequency of divorces a little. Divorces are no longer carried out here on Valentine’s Day. The city hopes that this measure will make the couples think again and maybe change their minds.

Getting married is considered an accolade of love: every second single dreams of tying the knot once. But the sky full of violins is often followed by a hard impact: arguments instead of cuddles. Boredom instead of passion. That was not how marriage was imagined. The couples therapist Arnold Retzer is convinced that we overtax and endanger marriage if we overload it with false expectations. He advocates marriage of convenience.

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Oppressive expectations

If you summarize the expectations of marriage, the result is an overwhelmingly long list: lasting affection, fantastic sex, a harmonious coexistence, fair distribution of tasks, mutual and individual happiness. Here a heavy burden is placed on the couple relationship. A partnership can hardly achieve that. "In the long run, love is incompatible with life" says the psychologist and author Arnold Retzer. In his book Praise the marriage of convenience (S. Fischer Verlag) he advises a couple relationship appropriate to human possibilities, "which is a marriage of convenience because it is realistic, viable and successful".

Love wanted

Despite all reasonable advice, love is still the most important thing. "A successful marriage of convenience also sensibly relies on love; anything else would be unreasonable" says Retzer. But the more we try to live up to our self-imposed desires, expectations, and duties within a marriage, the more likely it is to fail, the expert warns.

You also have to argue

What is important now, with a "reasonable" Marriage? First of all, spouses should relax a little and take the pressure off their relationship. You can safely accept conflicts as something normal. "If you are married you have to quarrel every now and then, otherwise you won’t find out about each other!" recognized Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The decisive factor is not avoiding or resolving a dispute, "but that you keep talking" so Arnold Retzer. A pinch of humor, friendship and being benevolent and positive towards your partner are also good ways of living a marriage or a steady relationship with reason.

Relationship check: how is your love doing? (Photo: archive) Some couples seem to have a picture-perfect relationship: arguments are rare, they have intense conversations and things are still tingling like at the beginning of the relationship. They even seem to get through stressful times calmly. Is that the same for you? After all, every couple has at least one strength and, at the same time, at least one frequently recurring point of contention. Only those who keep reserving time for two despite their job, family, friends and hobbies give their love a chance. Do you know how your partnership is doing? Find out with our test!

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Stop relationship fatigue

If you ask couple therapists or older couples about their recipe for a happy relationship, the unanimous answer is: talk, talk, talk. The problem: Anyone who communicates every day by cell phone, by email, SMS, in chat or in meetings, often forgets their most important contact person – their significant other – after work. Watch out: communication fatigue in a relationship is the worst love killer in the long run. Only those who regularly exchange needs, share plans or express wishes can move in the same direction with their partner. In addition, both should ensure that they share their joys and duties fairly. Statistics show that marriages are more likely to succeed if both partners take responsibility and take on these everyday burdens together – whether washing dishes, ironing or bringing up the children. Even if it is difficult after a strenuous job, get yourself up in the service of love, then there will be more time for the nice things for two.

Similarity check

However, if the feeling of loneliness remains in the partnership after a certain period of time, you should deal directly with the partner, his characteristics, needs and future wishes. Are they similar to your needs? Can you live with the differences, or are your partner’s quirks bothering you too much? Because only after a certain time do the serious differences become visible. Therefore, we usually look for similarities at the beginning of the partnership. American studies show, for example, that people – consciously or instinctively – seek partners who are similar to themselves. Relationships with a small age gap are on average more stable. A similar level of education and family understanding as well as a roughly equally strong psyche of both partners increase the chances of a happy relationship. If several of these mostly unchangeable factors apply to your partnership, you should ask yourself whether you can really continue to tolerate them.

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Long solo doesn’t mean unattractive. (Photo: archive) So pretty, so good at work and yet so alone. According to a study by the partner exchange Parship, there are eleven and a half million singles in Germany. Among the 18 to 30 year olds there are three and a half million – around a third in this age group. This also includes women who look good and are successful – just at work instead of looking for a partner. Why are these women still alone? A common reason is that expectations are too high. The women successfully master a job, earn their own money, are self-confident. Your partner should be at least as good. "But there is no such thing as a loving, stress-free partner who still runs an advertising agency" says the psychologist Eva Wlodarek of the magazine Maxi.Study What Some Singles Do Wrong

Always go all out

When is the wedding? What about children? Some women immediately go all out, making plans with the man they have just met. But that’s exactly what scares men off. "Men just don’t want to be so cramped. I believe that one shouldn’t convey to the men that after the second week it’s all about big family planning" explains Maxi editor-in-chief Stephan Schäfer.

Macho wannabes meet modern women

According to a study by psychologist Dr. But Beate Küpper could also be due to the attitude of the single men: She questioned several singles and found out that single men are often quite conservative and want to be the boss. However, these men often fail to take on the role of provider at all. "The self-image of these men does not at all match the typical single women, who are mostly modern and emancipated" so Küpper.

There’s the right one for everyone

So bad luck for the great women who are still solo? "No" the psychologist Wlodarek calms down. Every woman can find someone who makes her happy. "She should think about three to four points that she definitely doesn’t want to do without in a partnership. For example loyalty and personal freedom. If these points are met, you have found the right one. When it comes to all other properties, it has to make compromises" advises Wlodarek.

Appearance alone is not enough

But in order to attract men at all, a woman should not rely on her appearance alone. Wlodarek says that open body language and natural charisma are what make them attractive to men.

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The label reveals a lot about the quality of the oil. (Photo: dpa) Olive oil is considered extremely healthy. It consists of almost 80 percent monounsaturated fatty acids and is rich in natural vitamin E and other healthy substances. It is said to prevent cancer and heart disease, and to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure. But as tests by various institutes have shown, there are often inferior quality olive oils on our supermarket shelves, which are considered to be of the highest quality "extra native" sold. In addition, providers do not always bottle the freshest oil. We give you tips on what to look out for when buying olive oil:

Quality and taste Which oil for which purpose?

Extra virgin olive oil is standard

The grade "native extra" denotes the minimum standard for olive oils. This means that the oil must not have any taste flaws and the acidity must not exceed 0.8 percent. The degree of acidity describes the proportion of unwanted free fatty acids. The less oleic acid there is in an oil, the better its quality. In addition to extra virgin olive oil, there is also virgin olive oil or just olive oil, which do not meet the minimum requirements of the premium class. "In Germany, however, only extra virgin olive oil is sold" says Dieter G. Oberg from the information community olive oil.

Also suitable for cooking

The taste of olive oil is diverse: "Mild oil comes from Liguria, for example" Oberg explains. Oils from areas in central Italy, such as Tuscany or Umbria, are more intense. Greek oils in particular taste fruity and, according to Oberg, Spain has the full range of flavors to offer. Olive oils are suitable for baking, braising and frying – only if there is "smokes" it has become too hot and must no longer be used. However, it is advisable to use expensive, high-quality oil for seasoning salads or other dishes, as this allows the full flavor to develop.

The Olive Oil Information Community: Quality of Olive Oil

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